Great Driving Habits to Practice#2

HABIT # two. Take left foot support on the footrest whenever you brake or steer. Left foot support when braking or steering helps you retain good balance (posture), which produces less fatigue and greater control in an emergency. In normal driving your left foot should be firmly placed on the foot rest.

HABIT # three. Use the brakes to slow down and match a gear to the speed you are slowing to.

Changing down gears during braking is not only unnecessary stress on the vehicle’s transmission, but dangerous in an emergency. Research shows that drivers’ who habitually change gears during braking are more likely to lose control of a vehicle during an emergency. For example if slowing down for a bend that has been signed as 40km use the brake to slow down and as you get to 40km change to 3rd gear.

It is interesting that drivers tend to over use the gears in a manual and under use them in an automatic. In situations where you are going down steep hills or on gravel or slippery surfaces it is wise to select the correct gear after braking in an auto just like you do in a manual.

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