The Best Automatic and Manual Driving School In Mirrabooka

Special offer first lesson half price if you book and pay for your second lesson at the same time

Why our service is ideal for you

With our services in the north eastern suburbs of Perth, you will have automatic and manual driving lessons through the Mirrabooka area, including the nearby suburbs of Malaga, Noranda, Darch and more. Your instructor Barrie will get you to drive through different types of areas around Mirrabooka, from residential streets, shopping centres and industrial areas, and in all conditions, whether it is rainy or sunny.

We work within the area of the Department of Transport in Mirrabooka to prepare you for your PDA before getting your P Plates and operating a manual car on the road without assistance. During your PDA you will be driving around places that Barrie already took you to, so you will have the advantage of being comfortable driving in those areas.

Our excellent auto and manual driving school in Mirrabooka will give you newfound confidence in doing those sometimes pesky 3 point turns, U turns, reverse parking, parallel parking, and everything else that a fully licensed driver is expected to know how to do. Not only that, but our service is also very affordable .

You will have a distinct advantage by hiring us, who will not only give you automatic and manual driving lessons, but also familiarise you with the Mirrabooka area. please call or text your instructor Barrie at 0417 712 223 to book some lessons.