The Services and Costs of Affordable Automatic and Manual Driving Lessons

Learning how to drive is one of the best things you could ever do for yourself, and you will get so much out of it. Compass Driving School’s cheap lessons will give you a life skill that will always come

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It will take a lot longer for you to get to your local shopping centre or your friend’s house by either a bus or train, or both, than it would if you could drive yourself there with a car. The cost in both money and time spent on travelling via public transport will add up, so why not invest some of your train ticket money into our fantastic service instead?

What we can offer you

  • 1 hour session (including pick up and drop off at nominated address) – $55.00
  • 1 hour session for overseas licence holders wishing to convert to WA drivers licence – $55.00
  • Your session may be conducted in your own car when appropriate driving skill levels are reached – price on application
  • Use of our car (including 1 hour rehearsal) for PDA (Practical Driving Assessment) – $145.00
  • If PDA has been booked at licensing centre outside listed areas – from $165.00
  • If you wish to use your own car, for your PDA, accompanied by instructor -price on application
  • One of the major misconceptions is that licensing centres provide a car for the PDA; they don’t. If you find that your PDA date is approaching and you do not have a car, why not use ours (including pickup and drop off and rehearsal in area of nominated licensing centre) – from $160.00
  • Log book driving supervision utilising as many different driving conditions as possible (2 hour blocks including hazard perception training) – $95.00
  • 1 hour refresher courses in your own car – $45.00
  • Gift vouchers available in blocks of 5 or 10 lessons – Discounts apply

We want to give you cheap automatic and manual driving lessons so you can drive around town without any delay. Please call or text your instructor Barrie at 0417 712 223 to make a booking.